Petr Johan Marek

Contemporary art

¨To me, art is the vessel through which I traverse the labyrinthine corridors of the human condition, forging connections, acquiring knowledge, and seeking profound understanding.¨
Abstract oil paintings on canvas

Abstract 2023

New series of twelve abstract oil paintings made in 2023. All are oil on canvas 140 x 190 cm.


Polyptych artworks, oil on canvas.

Abstract Colour-field

Abstract paintings with large areas of a more or less flat single colour.

Mixed Media

Abstract paintings executed in mixed media - oil, acrylic, paper, canvas, ink, structural paste, graphite etc.

Artist Statement / Bio

Petr Johan Marek, the luminary force in the realm of contemporary Czech art, emerges as an original abstract art painter of profound depth and resplendence. With oil as his chosen medium, Marek beckons the viewer into a realm where the implicit echoes and the sublime resonates, where art serves as a portal to a heightened state of mind, a communion of artist and beholder. ¨To me, art is the vessel through which I traverse the labyrinthine corridors of the human condition, forging connections, acquiring knowledge, and seeking profound understanding.¨ Thus, in the case of Marek, the authenticity of his creative endeavor is not a mere matter of aesthetic indulgence; it is a sacred conduit of connection or the void thereof.

Residing in the picturesque embrace of Czechia, Petr Johan Marek has presented his mesmerizing oeuvre to audiences both within his homeland and beyond. His artistic signature manifests as an intricate tapestry that intricately interweaves an array of themes and techniques, amalgamating the spirit of color-field abstract expressionism, the meticulous patience of pointillism, the purity of minimalism, and the exuberance of pop art. This artistic polyphony underscores the versatile nature of his work, a non-objective exploration that encapsulates the evanescent residue of contemporary existence.

Intriguingly, Marek's approach to his art reflects the cyclical rhythms of the natural world, his canvases mirroring the shifting seasons of the year, an ever-changing palette upon which he orchestrates the symphony of his emotional response to life's multifarious episodes. It is this very cycle that forms the marrow of his creative discourse, a testament to the profound connection between the human soul and the universe that enfolds it.

Upon engaging with Marek's work, one is enveloped in an ethereal embrace, transcending the limits of the mundane to bask in the epic serenity of his compositions. His mastery of color-field abstraction conveys a fundamental message of tranquility and unity, invoking contemplation upon the very essence of existence. Each canvas, a conduit for catharsis, immerses the spectator into a rapturous communion with the art, where abstract forms metamorphose into a dance of elemental forces.

For Marek, art is not a mere visual feast; it is an evocative force that beckons the soul to traverse the labyrinth of human experience. The residue of his creative spirit, his non-figurative renderings, captivate the viewer, inviting them to discern, to feel, and to connect on an intimate and ineffable level. Petr Johan Marek, in his ceaseless quest for the non-objective, transmutes pigments and canvas into a portal to the sublime, where the implicit becomes explicit, and the contemporary human soul finds its sanctuary in the boundless realm of abstract art.


Disclaimer: Please note that all paintings featured are exclusively handcrafted by Petr Johan Marek. Each canvas and artwork is deliberately crafted to have a handmade, organic, raw, coarse, and imperfect aesthetic. Consequently, there may be occasional flaws or variations in the canvases' surface, texture, coloration, medium, material, size, shape, or other aspects. These imperfections are an inherent part of the artistic process and add to the unique character and charm of each individual piece.